Our consultants provide independent, confidential expertise saving you time and money paying for college. We completely detail all financial aid applications, navigate with you the many different processes, reviewing the numerous award letters from the various colleges and more importantly sharing over 35 years of financial aid/educational financing expertise. We are your financial assistance advocates every step of the way!

Our financial aid consulting service includes:
  • Review of family’s financial needs and resources to pay for college
  • Individual student evaluation (grades, standardized test results, possible majors and college list)
  • Analysis of student’s merit aid, scholarship, and college aid eligibility
  • Financial aid form assistance, e-filing, and verification processing services (FAFSA, CSS profile, state aid and college-specific applications)
  • Detailed explanation of financial aid award (grants, loans and scholarships)
  • Advice on negotiating and appealing your aid award
  • Execution of Special Conditions Appeal of award if applicable
  • Review of educational financing options, terms and loan requirements
  • Examination of College Billing Statements to ensure accuracy of awards and expenses

Personal help from start to finish

We will assist college bound students and families with an objective view of the complete financial aid process and all options at the respective colleges of their choice, thus increasing the number of potential applicants that can afford to pay for college. Our purpose is to assist college bound students and families in completing financial aid applications accurately and in a timely manner providing families with the opportunity to review all available grants, scholarship, work and loan options. eCollegeConsulting strives for the college bound students and parents to have a complete, objective understanding of the financial aid process which will promote positive dialogue with the financial aid administrators at the college of their choice.

Our job is to help you navigate the financial aid process with ease and precision

The financial aid process is more complicated and confusing than ever. The FAFSA form alone, for instance, has four full pages of instructions. And yet, according to the Department of Education, far too many applicants still make mistakes – an alarming fact considering that correctly completing the FAFSA form could mean more financial aid for you or your child.

We will work one-on-one with you to provide services from the most basic, such as accurately completing and submitting financial aid applications, to the more complex, including explaining your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Our ultimate goal is to educate and prepare you, so that you can make informed choices and pay for college using all available federal, state, and institutional financial aid.